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  • “Lullabies of Latin America honors and celebrates the beauty and soul of the countries of Latin America. This is an enchanting assortment of music that has and will forever be the main connection through generations to come.”

    Latin Style Magazine
  • “Thank you for all your transformational work here in Nebraska, you are amazing!”

    Laura Sweet
    Lied Center for Performing Arts
  • “You have such a generous spirit and positive outlook in your work and in dealings with everyone -young and old. Ideally appreciate your sharing of talent creativity and values to teach. entertain and most of all including everyone in your world. It is so important at this time to build bridges in communities and open awareness of understanding, patience and tolerance. Most of all you are respectful of young audiences and their varied backgrounds. Again reminding us that art speaks as a positive force.”

    Charles Bethea (retired) Executive Director
    Temple Performing Arts Center - Lied Center.
  • “If you’re looking for music that will not only soothe your little ones but also calm your nerves, pick up Maria Del Rey’s latest. Del Rey incorporates many vivid yet tranquil images on her album of Latin American poems and lullabies, recorded in Spanish and English. The recitations are as enjoyable as the songs.”

    Rhythm-World Music and Global Culture
  • “My daughter has had a most positive experience with the Spanish culture after seeing Maria Del Rey perform at her school. Maria Del Rey’s joy, vivacity and personality are so refreshing to kids learning Spanish. Thank you for creating such a pleasant exposure to the Spanish culture to which any child can relate.”

    Susan Baldwin, Parent
  • “Maria Del Rey’s Lullabies of Latin America is a perfect beginning for a whole new generation of bilingual babies”

  • “Recommended as one of the top three gifts for Mother’s Day.”

    The Miami Herald
  • “Music that you and your baby will adore.”

    Shape Fit Pregnancy
  • “In 2002, Hampton – Brown, a publisher of educational materials for bilingual and ESL students, asked Maria Del Rey to contribute to its new Elementary ESL program. What began as an ordinary project became an extraordinary collaboration between a sparkling talent and a demanding industry. Maria’s unflagging energy and commitment to the project resulted in a product that exceeded expectations. Her songs and recordings transcend their educational purpose, bringing joy as well as learning into the classroom. It would be enough that Maria’s creative talent soars above the ordinary that it is as infectious as one of her Latin rhythms, but it exceeds even that. Working with Maria is like opening a surprise package filled with delights. She enriches the imagination and the heart. She is the song she sings.”

    Shirley Ann Costigan
    Writing Director, Hampton-Brown Publishers
  • “That was a most delightful morning. I can tell from your reviews, accolades, awards and such that you do not lack from pats on the back, but I’m going to give you another one anyway. You deserve, have earned, each scintilla of praise you receive. Not only was I impressed with your obvious talent, but also with your knowledge and study of the many interwoven aspects you cover (music, teaching, children, multiple languages and cultures, interpersonal communication) and your ability to not only know communicate eloquently and with ease on such a breadth of topics, but to embody them in the whole of your presentation. You spoke of empowering and nurturing, and this you did for everyone at every age and intellectual level who was there in attendance. You are a shining example of all you profess. It was, in short, delightful. On behalf of all those in attendance and from all six campuses my sincerest thanks.”

    Royston Thomas Associate Dean - Special Projects
    Los Angeles Community Colleges /CREATE LA.




After a quarter of a century as award-winning family media producers we are so happy to bring you seminars, specials and live events to inspire you to master the art of parenting and the parenting of your art.


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ChildGood Magazine founder Maria Del Rey (MDR) is an award-winning family media producer and publisher. Del Rey has released over 50 international magazine specials, online seminars, music albums, parenting video episodes and educational book products in multiple languages for the international family media market. MDR has also collaborated on hundreds of advertising campaigns for the international bilingual marketplace with fortune 100 companies. MDR is a Latin Grammy Award nominated producer, a four-time Parents Choice Gold, Silver, Honorable Award Winner, a recipient of the Carnegie Centennial-New York Public Library Grant Award and the National Parenting Publications Gold Award.

Her most recent creation, ChildGood Magazine, The Journal for Creative Families, has been featured on Apple’s ‘What’s Hot List’ for parenting magazine apps (Newsstand) for over 170-consecutive weeks. MDR was invited to represent the children of the Americas as a delegate-performer at the United Nations Global Peace Initiative for Women in Geneva, Switzerland. Del Rey has also lectured at numerous universities and educational conferences. She was named one of the 50 Top Role Models in the state of Pennsylvania by The Pennsylvania Commission for Women.

NOTE: Just to be very clear Maria (Elizabeth) Del Rey, the family media publisher is NOT an adult fiction writer. Read More Here....

Step One: Enter your info to get your book free:
Watch 3 FREE videos that can help you diffuse parenting time bombs and manage the conflict many professional creatives face. Also, learn the one thing every parent who is a professional creative must have to succeed.

Enter your info here, so you can watch our free, three-part video series on parenting.



Carnegie For Kids Grant
Latin Grammy Award Nomination
Rotary International Living Treasures
parents choice approved
parents choice gold
parents council
National Parenting Award
ChildGood What’s Hot
Ben Franklin Award
Miami Herald Silver Knight Award
United Nations Geneva
Voices Role Model Book
Disney Educational
Disney On Ice
EMI Latin
Kid Rhino
Hampton Brown Avenues
Klove Radio Amor
Land Before Time
Music For Little People
Plaza Sesamo
Random House
Rounder Records
Ridley Scott
Sony Latin
Spy Hard
Time Warner
Universal Studios
PA Commission for Women
Family Circus
Lindy And Loon
Julio Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias
Jon Anderson of Yes
Ana Gabriel
Universe of Song
Lullabies of Latin America
The Peanut Man
MDR  Golden Touch
LA Times
Fit Pregnancy
Publishers Weekly
Latin Style

Above you will find a partial list of many favorite collaborations, cool awards, awesome people I have worked with as a producer, publisher and performer. Feel free to contact us directly to learn more or collaborate together on future projects at

  • “Maria Del Rey is the real thing! A Cuban American producer, recording artist and singer with a pure angelic voice to be sure, but also a tireless champion of children all over the planet.”

    Los Angeles Times
  • “Maria Del Rey is obviously a great singer. For those of us that are privileged to know a little more about her, she is also a well-organized producing, writing, and marketing machine. Most important of all, she is a warm ray of sunshine in any room she enters.”

    Jim Shaw
    Producer Songwriter – Buck Owens, Ringo Starr, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood
  • “People who say that they’re aren’t any good shows for families to enjoy together have not experienced Maria Del Rey. It’s an enchanting journey through our bilingual cultures through the world of music and theater. Maria Del Rey’s The Bridge El Puente” is a must see for families.”

    Michael Wolf
    Cerritos Center for The Performing Arts.
  • “As executive editor of Living Language, a division of Random House, Inc. which focuses on producing and publishing text and audio materials for language learners. “I’ve had ample opportunity to work with Maria Del Rey. Maria’s professionalism, her ever-present enthusiasm for her work, her sensitivity for our specific needs, and her impeccable style make it a pleasure to do business with her. Maria never hesitates to go the extra mile to please her customers and therefore I have no doubt that she will succeed in any endeavor she may embark upon.”

    Helga Schier Ph.D
    Executive Editor, Living Language, Random House
  • “Maria Del Rey was a joy to have in the state of Nebraska. She is a professional producer and vibrant personality that brought many different towns and communities together to celebrate through music and stories. Her time in Nebraska, especially for the children she inspired, will never be forgotten.” (15-concert Nebraska state ambassadorial concert and school residency tour and PBS film documentary)”

    Laura Kendall
    Assistant Director of Community Engagement and Learning Lied Center for Performing Arts and The Ware Center in Lancaster PA
  • “Congratulations on your extraordinary achievements. Your presence in this book and your legacy as a role model for young girls will help to assure a future filled with impressive women leaders throughout the common wealth.”

    Leslie Stiles
    Former Director – The Pennsylvania Commission for Women
  • “Lullabies of Latin America has fast become one of our favorite titles.”

    New York Public Library
  • “Maria Del Rey’s performance had the entire audience singing and dancing in their seats. She was a joy to work with!”

    Therese La Gamma
    The Music Hall, Portsmouth NH
  • “The Montalvo Arts Center had the pleasure to host Maria Del Rey through our Wells Fargo Performance Arts Series for Students. We received tremendous response for Bridge El Puente, and our Carriage House Theater overflowed for each of the two performances. Over 600 K-3 students throughout Santa Clara county participated in this energetic show. Students and chaperones alike commented on originality and creativity of the show. The live music and singing was lovely, and the stories and multimedia presentation kept the students engaged throughout the entire performance”

    Katie Taggerty
    Director of Education - Montalvo Arts Center
  • “Lullabies of Latin America is a musical gem! The musical arrangement combined with Maria’s melodic voice makes each song unique and special. The songs conjure colorful images of love, spirituality, freedom and nature. Some are whimsical and fun. Lullabies, whether sung or spoken will always connect mother, child and the earth.”

    Fran Schmidt
    Founder of the Peace Foundation, Educator.


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